Artist: Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson is a one of a kind artist that was born in  Mississippi. He is of Choctaw and Cherokee descent and  incorporates elements of Native American art into his craft. Gibson creates  a rich visual and conceptual dialogue between his work and the histories of his Native American Heritage.  Gibson creates  garments, beaded punching bags, paintings,  and ceramic vessels.

Glass and plastic beads, tin, copper and gold-finished jingles, artificial sinew, quartz crystal, silver-coated copper wire, druzy crystal, nylon thread, nylon fringe, acrylic felt, acrylic paint, repurposed wool blanket, recycled jersey stuffing, rawhide, steel rods, wood block
Acrylic on canvas, glass beads and artificial sinew inset into wood frame
Jeffrey Gibson
Glass beads, artificial sinew, acrylic felt, steel and brass
Jeffrey Gibson
Punching bag, trading post carpet, acrylic felt, artificial sinew, glass beads, copper and brass coated tin jingles, nylon fringe, nylon thread, cotton thread, cotton satteen fabric

A Stone Mastermind!

One of the most extraordinary furniture designers is Grzegorz Majka. He was born in 1983 and is from Kronzso. In his early years, he studied interior design and worked as a stonemason. He became forever bonded to stone material and was looking for new and outrageous applications of natural stone to do controversial projects. He ended up prototyping his first furniture projects which were later featured in many stone magazines. Majka gained new partnerships with people who believed in his ideas and started Grzegorz Majka Ltd. It’s a furniture company that produces breathtaking furniture with combinations of natural materials and stone. 

Golden Rock II
Contemporary Center Coffee Table ft. Nero Portoro marble and solid brass base in “Satin” finish
Elements IV
Contemporary Center Coffee Table ft. quartzite Patagonia and solid brass plate in brushed finish
Epicure I
Contemporary Center Table Set of 4 Items

Babneet Lakhesar’s Artwork

Banneet Lakhesar is a creative artist and founder of her global style of modern desi disapur pop art. Her paintings are inspired by her background in sculpture. She majored in sculpture at OCAD University in Toronto. Her artwork represents old school Bollywood and pop culture which reflects  her favorite Hindi  film Mughal-E- Azam. She also was able to collaborate with amazing brands such as Fenty Beauty and Adidas. 

Haroshi’s Skateboard Art

Haroshi is a Japanese sculptor, woodworker,  and skateboarder from Tokyo, Japan. He is known for creating large sculptures made out of used skateboard decks. He makes each sculpture by carefully selecting and stacking the skateboards, then he hand carves, paints, and polishes them into a veneer finish. He also sculptures teddy bears, cartoon characters, sneakers, and fire hydrants. During the construction of each sculpture, Haroshi puts a broken skateboard piece into the core of the piece or gives each piece a “soul”. This practice was inspired by Unkei who was a  12th-century Buddhist sculptor. Unkei would place a crystal ball inside each of his Buddha sculptures.

Meet Haroshi

Artist Mickalene Thomas

Naomi looking forward painting
by Mickalene Thomas

Artist Mickalene Thomas creates amazing paintings that are embellished with rhinestones, enamel, and colorful acrylics. Her paintings represent African American beauty, sexual identity, and power. She also includes different genres in her artwork such as portraiture, landscape, still life, and nude. Mickalene  Thomas was born in Camden, New Jersey, and studied at  Yale University School of Art in 2002.

Green couch painting
by Mickalene Thomas.
Bedazzled collage painting
by Mickalene Thomas

Mickalene Thomas Interview